Turning the Page ... It is with both sadness and satisfaction that we announce the MeTime Journal project has reached its final chapter. Sadness, because we loved to write and design and bring good things to you each issue. Satisfaction because we had a dream and made it happen. It’s rare that three busy women can come together for a year and actually publish
a magazine! As you can imagine, a lot of time and passion went into putting each issue together. As time passed, each of our lives became increasingly busy with important health, work, business development and family needs. We did our best to juggle it all as long as we could! We will keep this website live for the next 12 months (at least) so you can still read each issue – and hope that you will! If you want to know what the three of us “really” do and contact us, click the About tabs above. We offer to you, dear reader, our heartfelt thanks for joining us. We hope you have been inspired and reminded to live your best life possible – and will always remember to enjoy some MeTime! Michele, Linda and Diane
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