Linda Carlberg
(Past) Co-Founding Publisher | Creative Director
MeTime Journal
“MeTime Journal, for me, was a chance to step outside the corporate world and ‘freestyle.’ Instead of working for clients, I got to design and create for ‘fun.’ My ‘Confessions of a Recovering Cheesaholic’ series was a blast to do. Maybe it will have a new life someday… The three of us learned many lessons about ourselves and each other on this journey. It wasn’t always easy – but I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish together. Maybe you and your friends have a passion you’d like to pursue. I hope we’ve been an inspiration to you. Go for it!” In her “real life,” Linda Carlberg is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of BrandLand Marketing and SmartSyt.
Learn More: Contact: Let's Stay Connected!
Learn More: Contact: Let's Stay Connected!

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